Lee Holloway   
Lee has been playing guitar for over 40 years.  He started when he was in the junior high school band as a trumpeter which he plays along with keys, and drums.  He has worked with different local bands over the years, two of which had a definite presence in the Northwest Indiana/Chicago area; Krash, and I.N.D. (Into New Dimensions).  I.N.D went on to record an album in 1982 for which he wrote and co-wrote 7 songs.  Since then, he has produced and co-produced for some of the local artists in Indiana,  one being Cliff Gober - a local gospel artist. He co-produced two of his CD projects and produced a couple of tracks that he was commissioned to do for WGN news. Also he produced projects for the Gary fire chief Jeff Ward. Jeff wrote two songs celebrating President Barrack Obama which Lee produced and arranged for him. You can hear them on his site at jeffwardpublishing.com  Lee is  presently the Minister of Music at Western Christian Community Church located in Gary, IN and his wife Charlotte is the Praise & Worship Leader.  He is very passionate about music. Always have been and always will be. 

  Charlotte Holloway
Charlotte Holloway has been performing since the age of 7 with piano lessons and vocal training under her belt.  She has always sung, played keys and/or percussions with groups, bands and choirs including ISU Soul Revue, Sycamore Singers, Ebony Majestic Choir, Family Christian Center Choir and Praise Team, The Young Messiah, The Colors of Christmas and many more.  Also, she has sung background vocals on many CD projects.  Charlotte has written a great number of songs, seven of which are on her new CD:  Grace = Gratitude produced & arranged by her husband Lee Holloway, scheduled to be released in February 2011.  She currently works as the Praise & Worship Leader at Western Christian Community Church alongside her husband Lee who is the Minister of Music.
Music has always been an intricate part of her life and she now uses it as an avenue to reach the Lost & the Broken.
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